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The Luthier

Each guitarist has a soulmate in the form of a guitar. When both souls find each other, the created beauty is indescribable.

The guitar maker Miguel Garrido was born in 1959 in the working district of Villaverde in Madrid. He has cordobas roots since his mother was born in Córdoba and his father in Villanueva de Córdoba. They came to Madrid as many Andalusian families in the 50’s looking for a future to form a family.

Antonio, the father of Miguel, a precursor of the tradition, has been professionally dedicated to the carpentry trade, working the wood in all its forms since he was nine and becoming an incredible professional in this field. From a very young age, he began to be interested in the world of guitars, first playing the instrument quite well and then, as it could not be otherwise and for the affinity with his work, building them for pleasure.
He never professionally dedicated himself to making guitars for sale, but his outstanding professionalism in the world of wood made him build some exquisite guitars.

Master Miguel helped and accompanied his father ever since he can remember, and for many years, he assisted him in many of his projects, which helped him master the wood tools from an early age.

Miguel is a simple person, upbeat, determined, and loving, enthusiastic, curious, and has a natural talent to fix all kinds of things.

But the two most essential characteristics of Miguel are great sensitivity and perseverance to reach his goals.

His personality, love for woodwork, and natural talent for facing challenges have led him to master the deepest secrets of the guitar sound.
We can say that all who know him in person can corroborate these trades.

Belonging to a working-class family in the 60s and 70s and scarce family resources marked the academic life of Miguel.

He was a bright, nonconformist and what we can call a difficult boy. He went to school as an extreme obligation because he was not motivated by his authoritarian teachers, methods, or content. Whenever he could, he would skip class; He was a free soul in those days.

In his family, the education was old-fashioned, done mainly by his grandmother. In those days, many of his neighborhood friends got lost in the way of alcohol and drugs. Fortunately, perhaps because of his way of embracing life, Miguel went ahead without finishing his studies and began to work at the young age of 14 years.

Without the slightest hint of doubt, we can say that the street and hard work shaped his education and life.

Miguel is a very prolific person. We can say that his professionalism has led him in many different ways, in which he has always stood out. For example, he always helped his father by working 14 hours a day for almost all his life on personal projects and other clients.

He has undertaken many projects of all kinds, sometimes with success and others with failures. However, the latter has always served to make him stronger and determined.

In 1999, he entered the guitar world by helping his father. It was an activity that motivated him very much for the secrets and challenges that it entailed and his passion for music, dancing, and playing the instrument. As a result, he finished his first complete guitar in 2007, perfecting his technique and enabling him to create a device with a life and soul of its own.


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