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Guitar made with hoops and flamed maple background that gives it a very special character in the sound. The details have been taken care of in order to give the instrument a very solemn aspect. See its features below.

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Flamenco handcrafted guitar, made with top quality materials, specially selected. The result is an instrument with a brilliant and forceful sound, as well as a surprising ease of execution.

In this flamenco guitar the selection of materials has been carried out with exquisite detail, using the 11 selection criteria that mark our work to achieve the best sound.

The lid is made of German spruce pine with a very fine measured veining, selected by means of high-tech techniques of distance and contact, in which the details are looked for homogeneity and specific distances of the veining, as well as specific densities in specific points. The conjunction of all these details allow us to get the best sound to the instrument.

The hoops and the background are made of Spanish cypress to enhance their flamenco touch.

The honduras cedar mast has been reinforced internally with ebony to give it greater resistance and achieve a minimum thickness throughout it. It has also been specially tuned to achieve maximum comfort of the hand, and according to the difficulty required by the guitarist in the “continued” execution of the instrument.

The surface finish is made with a special mixture of polyurethane varnishes for the maximum use of sound, as well as maximum durability.


  • Type: Flamenco

  • Top: Solid German spruce

  • Back and sides: Flamed maped

  • Mast: Cedar from Honduras

  • Scale: 650 mm

  • Fingerboard: Ebony

  • Finish: Nitrocellulose

  • Pegbox: Mecanic

  • Zoque height: 91 mm

  • Cylinder head height: 96 mm

  • Wide nut: 52 mm

  • Distance 1st string to 6th in the nut: 43 mm

  • Distance 1st string to 6th in the bridge: 59 mm

  • Case: Rigid suitcase included