Garrido Pozuelo

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This guitar belongs to a particular series made by Miguel Garrido in commemoration of his father, Antonio. It is a concert guitar manufactured with the best materials for each part, and even the smallest detail is carefully constructed. See its characteristics below.


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The particular careful craftsmanship of this guitar, accompanied by a well-studied Top and Harmonic Bars, enhance its intense concert character. The result is a superb instrument, with surprising projection, sustain, and playability.


The selection of the wood has been carried out with exquisite detail, taking into account the demanding 11 selection criteria that always mark our work to achieve the best sound.


The magnificent German spruce top has a very fine and measured grain. Distance and contact techniques influence its selection. Taking care of the details, homogeneity and specific distances of the grain have been sought and specific densities in specific points that allow you to get the best sound from the instrument.


The back and sides are made of the highest quality Indian rosewood, achieving a sweet, enveloping, and sustained sound.


The Honduran cedar neck has been internally reinforced with ebony to give it a more solid resistance and achieve a minimum thickness.


  • Type: Concert

  • Top: Solid German spruce

  • Back and sides: Solid Indian rosewood

  • Neck: Cedar from Honduras

  • Scale: 650 mm

  • Fretboard: Ebony

  • Finish: Nitrocellulose + gomme lacquer

  • Headstock: Mecanic

  • Heel height: 91 mm

  • Tail block height: 96 mm

  • Nut width: 52 mm

  • Distance 1st string to 6th in the nut: 43 mm

  • Distance 1st string to 6th in the bridge: 59 mm

  • Case: Rigid suitcase included