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The Pozoblanco model is manufactured in honor of Antonio´s birthplace next-door town. It was born to settle possible rivalries between these two places, but it also helped both towns grow with more significant learning.

The Pozoblanco is a flamenco guitar with a powerful and brilliant sound in the purest style. Check out its features below.

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It is specially handcrafted to highlight its distinguished flamenco style character. The result is a very comfortable and easy to play instrument, with a fast response and powerful flamenco sound.


The selection of the wood has been accomplished with exquisite detail. Those who already know us are aware of the demanding 11 selection criteria that mark our work to achieve the best sound.


The top is made of German spruce pine with a very finely measured grain, using high-tech distance and contact techniques. We aim to take care of the details, homogeneity, and specific distances of the grain and specific densities at particular points. The conjunction of all these details allows us to get the best sound from the instrument.

The back and sides are made of top-quality Spanish cypress, giving shine and force to the sound of this instrument.


The Honduran cedar neck has been reinforced with ebony throughout its axis to strengthen its resistance and achieve a minimum thickness throughout.

It is specially tuned to achieve maximum hand comfort during “continuous” instrument use.

The surface finish is made with a unique mix of nitrocellulose varnishes for maximum sound and maximum durability.


  • Type: Flamenco

  • Top: Solid German spruce

  • Back and sides: Cypress

  • Neck: Cedar from Honduras

  • Scale: 650 mm

  • Fretboard: Ebony

  • Finish: Nitrocellulose

  • Headstock: Mecanic

  • Heel height: 91 mm

  • Tail block height: 96 mm

  • Nut width: 52 mm

  • Distance 1st string to 6th in the nut: 43 mm

  • Distance 1st string to 6th in the bridge: 59 mm

  • Case: Rigid suitcase included