David Silva

“Having a guitar designed and built to the smallest detail is something that not everyone can have, and if we add that it is made with all the care and love possible, it is inevitable that the result is something fantastic. , work of collaboration with Miguel, is a very comfortable guitar, which compensates for bass and treble, sounds very flamenco and also aesthetically is very well finished, a guitarrón as they say. “

A life as a guitarist ...

In honor of his invaluable help in every way, from here I would like to recognize David Silva, the dedication and effort dedicated to the world of flamenco guitar. It is an honor for me to have built a special guitar for him and with the help of his instructions.

I collect a summary of his career:

Guitarist, composer and teacher born in Estepa (Seville), in the year 78. Trained at the Diego de Salazar Conservatory in Estepa. He began his studies with guitarist Paco Llamas. He expanded his training in La Puebla de Cazalla with the guitarist Fernando Rodriguez. After his departure to Seville, he began his studies at the Joaquin Turina School of Music with the guitarist Daniel Navarro “Niño de Pura”, where the AIE granted him a scholarship for his guitar studios.

He has worked in different tablaos and different countries of the world.

His didactic work focuses on the study of flamenco guitar and the diffusion of flamenco..

Since 2015 he has been giving lectures to raise awareness of flamenco styles.

For more information you can click here: https://www.guitarradavidsilva.com/