Esther Martínez

I want to thank Garrido Pozuelo Guitars, Miguel, craftsman, luthier, and master for molding the beautiful boards that have created my Villanueva guitar.

I have been a participant in Miguel’s choices of each of the materials used to construct this guitar.

I thank him with much affection for each photo he sent me while setting up my guitar and the final video to demonstrate the sounds that my guitar sang at the hands of the master of flamenco David Silva. Thanks.

It is not just a beautiful, well-built instrument; it is also a well of beautiful sounds. So all I have to do is return part of what I received, thanking Miguel for his work and practicing a lot to get the most beautiful nuances out of this guitar.

Esther Martínez Sancho

A poem from the soul

Esther, I sincerely appreciate your extensive and incredible testimony and a poem that has truly touched my soul. Your natural simplicity is typical of a human being with a big heart.

I hope that this guitar that I have made especially for you accompanies you until your certain virtuosity.

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