Esther Martínez

I have been a participant in the choice that Miguel was making of each of the materials that were used in the construction of this guitar.

I thank you very much with each photo that you have sent me while setting up my guitar. And the final video with a demonstration of the sounds that my guitar sang at the hands of the flamenco master David Silva. Thank you.

It is not just a beautiful and well-built instrument; It is also a well of beautiful sounds. I only have to return part of what I received, thanking Miguel for his work and practicing a lot to get the most beautiful nuances to this guitar.

Esther Martínez Sancho

A poem from the soul

Esther, I thank you deeply for your extensive and incredible testimony and a poem that has truly touched my soul. Your naturalness, simplicity are typical of a human being with a big heart.

I hope that this guitar that I have made especially for you, will accompany you to your sure virtuosity.

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