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Guitarra flamenca Triana


Guitar made with hoops and a Spanish cypress background, an earth wood of incredible quality that gives that flamenco character to the sound. The details have been taken care of especially to give it a bright, classic and special look like its name. You can see the features below.

Guitarra rocio frente


Guitar made with hoops and flamed maple background that gives it a very special character in the sound. The details have been taken care of in order to give the instrument a very solemn aspect. See its features below.

Garrido Pozuelo

This guitar is a special series made by Miguel Garrido in commemoration of his father Antonio. It is a concert guitar in which the master has selected the best materials of each part, and where he has taken care of every detail.


Made of materials that show their character. The selection has been carried out with exquisite detail. Those who know us are already aware of the 11 selection criteria that mark our work to get the best raw material.



Guitar built with an outstanding quality, with excellent sonority and wood of first quality and extraordinary beauty, in addition to master finishes.


The Villanueva model drinks from the roots of the birthplace of the patriarch, Antonio. It is a very special guitar that has shown the love for the family above all else. Hence his name and first official model of the teacher. Look at their features below.


The Pozoblanco model is born in honor of the name of the town adjacent to the birth of Antonio. It was born to resolve the possible rivalries that may have arisen in history and have served for both peoples to grow with greater learning. La Pozoblanco, is the first flamenco guitar of the maestro. In it has been achieved a guitar with a powerful presence and the purest style. Look at their property below.


The Luna model is based on an energy that comes from the love of an entire people in its historical roots and without losing a moment of intensity with the passage of time. The love of this people to a Virgin, the Virgin of the Moon, is the one that inspired the teacher on this occasion. It is a very special guitar in which it has been revealed again more than it is able to get the love. Look at their features below.

Carlos Juan Pickup

BEST of both Worlds: undersaddle coax (VIP) transducer and CS sensor, two independent channels, separate MID and GAIN controls, active sensor compared to passive is more sensible to vibrations and can be fine adjusted w. two controls. Y cable needed, TIP = pickup RING = sensor.

Carlos Juan Pickup

The “TOMATITO” system ! Made for a Flamenco Legend and his son Jose. A revolutionary VIP-DM system (double with microphone): undersaddle coax (VIP) transducer and mini micro, MONO output, 3 controls on s/hole: Master, Tone, Micro Gain.


Carlos Juan Pickup
CP-1A Vip

Since 1998 this shootout-winner system uses an undersaddle tubular-style transducer (coaxial-cable type) and active-preamp powered by a single 9V battery.

Pickup Carlos Juan CS-SENSOR

Carlos Juan Pickup

CS Sensor (Carbon Sensor) is a revolutionary transducer that transmits the top vibrations as the strings are plucked or body tapped (golpe).